Our wine vinegars

We are probably not used to wine vinegars and balsamics being the subject of tasting notes like for wines. This gives evidence of the philosophy that presides over the vinegar factory of the Domaine de l’Airial, which is to take as much care in the production of vinegars and balsamics as one would do for the best wines. And we will use the same vocabulary, so specific and at the same time so evocative, and almost poetic, which is that of professional tasters.

We pay a lot of attention to the vine vinegars of the Domaine. Acetification and ageing are carried out exclusively in oak barrels for several years. The filtration remains light in order to preserve all the subtlety of the aromas. And if a slight deposit can form, it does not alter the quality of the product. The product is guaranteed to be 100% natural, 100% grapes.


The aromatic power of our vinegars is such that a few drops will be enough to reveal the flavor of your dishes. They will showcase your culinary creations.
It is the little touch that changes everything!