The values of the Airial Domain:

Honesty, integrity and “well-doing” peasant are strong commitments to preserve the natural and human environment at all stages of the chain of creation of our vinegars, from our vine to your plate. This is how we can offer you high quality vinegars.


Because credibility and trust are paramount, we have made transparency the first of our values.
Explaining how we work, the composition of our products, access to information about the materials we use is a will on our part.
The human relationship and the dialogue with the consumer, the transparency on the qualitative aspects of the products will allow the establishment of a climate of trust.

There is no quality product without transparency about the origin of the products and the methods of cultivation.

Reasoned agriculture

Living and producing in harmony with the animal and plant world is more than a value, in our country it is a state of mind! Eager to respect this nature so rich but so fragile, we turned to a reasoned agriculture, respectful of the environment.

We are therefore certified High Environmental Value Level 3: The level of excellence of the device for farms with a high level of biodiversity and a very low use of inputs.


Closed-cycle farming since all production steps follow the same chain, at the harvest site, which ensures the traceability of all our vinegars, from the land to your plate.


Our grapes only, that’s what our vinegars are made of. Our vines are lovingly grown and our grapes carefully selected, which gives excellent quality vinegars.


No aromas added, no incongruous ingredients, no additives, no preservatives… only grape berries from the property.


As soon as possible we work with suppliers whose vision and commitment we share that are in line with our ecological values.

Made in France

All our products are made here in Gascony. And as soon as we can, we choose local partners, in order to limit transport and promote local economic activity.

Little impact

Glass packaging, no plastic, no overpacks… the bias at the Domain is to have the lowest impact on our environment. Everything is thought out to minimize the company’s impact on the environment and allow customers more responsible consumption.


By consuming our products, you contribute to the development of the local heritage, to which we are very attached.

Day by day, we strive to bring you the best of nature through our products. We are not perfect but we hope to live up to your expectations.