Domaine de l’Airial
When a winemaker cherishes sour wines.

Visualise a typical Gascon ochre-stone house, its six picturesque palm trees, and the winery. It is precisely in this cellar that Cécile, the owner, creates the vintage vinegars of Domaine de l’Airial.

At Bourda, there is no time requirement, no notion of yield per hour or per hectare. Cécile allows herself all the more time to harness her two passions. Horses and vines.

New vintages

Our vintage red-wine and white-wine vinegars are aged in traditional barrels. Discover our newly bottled 2013 vintages!

A cherished environment

Domaine de l’Airial has been awarded a “High Environmental Value” (HVE) certification. Three letters that validate Cecile’s choices, based on down-to-earth practice and farmer’s common sense, such as preservation of biodiversity, hedge-planting and natural fertilisers consisting exclusively of horse manure. Practices that respect the environment she values so highly.

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