The Airial Estate
When a winemaker cherishes sour wines.

A typical Gascony house, its six picturesque palm trees, and the winery, all of ochre and clad stones. It is precisely in this cellar that Cécile, the owner harvesting the vintage vinegars of the Arial estate.

At Bourda, there is no time requirement, no notion of yield per hour or per hectare. Cécile allows herself all the more to harness her two passions. Horses and vines.

New vintages

The vinegars of white and red wines, all vintage, are raised in traditional barrels. Discover the years 2016 and 2013 freshly bottled!

A cherished environment

The L’Airial Estate is certified as “High Environmental Value” (HVE). Three letters that administratively validate Cecile’s preliminary choices, land choices and falling under (common) sense: preservation of biodiversity, adaptation of plant protection strategies, management of organic fertilizers. Practices that respect an environment that is dear to him.

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