A cherished environment

The surrounding 18 hectares will also not be subject to the rules and dictates of productivity. As the volumes required for production that meets demand are reasonable, agriculture is, as evidence, reasoned.

“High Environmental Value”

The L’Airial Estate is certified as “High Environmental Value” (HVE). Three letters that administratively validate Cecile’s preliminary choices, land choices and falling under (common) sense: preservation of biodiversity, adaptation of plant protection strategies, management of organic fertilizers. Practices that respect an environment that is dear to him.

Non-exclusive love.

The love brought to the rows of vines is not exclusive. It stretches, it takes care of everything that surrounds the vine, and interacts with it. Place is left to the meadow and the edges of the vines which are mowed late. Woods, spontaneous or planted hedges and wetlands are preserved. On the field, the biotope remains rich and varied.