A cherished environment

The surrounding 18 hectares will not meet the same rules and diktats of productivity. As the volumes required for a production that has little demand are reasonable, agriculture can be maintained on a reasoned level too.

“High Environmental Value”

Domaine de l’Airial has been awarded a “High Environmental Value” (HVE) certification. Three letters that validate Cecile’s choices, based on down-to-earth practice and a farmer’s common sense, such as preservation of biodiversity, hedge-planting and natural fertilisers consisting exclusively of horse manure. Practices that respect the environment she values so highly.

A passion for Nature.

The passion for vine growing is not exclusive. This care for the environment expands and encompasses all that surrounds the vineyard. Space is left for meadows and the grass around the vines is mowed late in the season. Woods, spontaneous or planted hedges and wetlands are preserved. In the field, the biotope remains rich and varied.