At the horse’s pace

It is a medium-term goal, a real choice made by a real farmer ; there is no folklore here.

It is all for the better, it may remain an Ideal, the visual, auditive and olfactory iconic vision of the peasant, working in rediscovered silence, barely troubled by the crumpling of grass, the tinkling of the tool on the hitch, walking step by step, enveloped in the fragrant vapours of the leather harness and the horse’s warm breath.

A passion for the “hors d’âge” process – to push the metaphor further – which Cecile wanted to associate with the whole project, “from the vine to the bottle”, and which also represents the visual identity of the Domain.

“History and patience.”

Horses cannot definitely be separated from the farm work. They epitomise the time and the slowness, the history and the patience. They are the engine and the force.

The time it takes.

Time to breed, grow, train…
At the Airial, we cultivate a praise for slowness.