The Horse’s Step

At Bourda, there is no time requirement, no notion of yield per hour or per hectare. Cécile allows herself all the more to harness her two passions. Horses and vines.

It is a medium-term goal, a real choice of farmer, there is no folklore there.
Perhaps, and it is all the better, remains an Ideal, a visual, sound and olfactory poetry of the peasant working in a rediscovered silence, barely troubled by the crumpling of the earth, the tinkling of the tool on the hitch, walking in step counted in the fragrant vapours of the leathers and a lukewarm breath.
An “out-of-age” passion, to push the metaphor, which Cecile wanted to associate closely with the project, right down to the label, to the identity of the Domain.

“they are history and patience.”

Inseparable from the work to be done, the horses are certainly. They are time and slow, they are history and patience. They are the engine and the force.

Follow the weather

Time to raise, plant, train…

At the Airial, we cultivate praise for slowness.