Did you know that “balsamic” derives from the word “balsam” which is a shrub whose juice calms the inflammations of the mucous membranes and especially those of the respiratory tract? This “balm” therefore has a softening, soothing and fragrant virtue. A “balsamic” atmosphere is that of an air full of perfumes that plants exhale. These qualities can be found in balsamic vinegars.
In Lagraulet-du-Gers, a balsamic vinegar is produced in the middle of an 18-hectare vineyard where we listen to the grapes, the precious wooden barrels and the time it takes. The balsamic vinegars of the Domaine de l’Airial are guaranteed 100% natural, without caramel or any other added colouring matter. They all come from the grapes of our property.
Airial’s balsamic vinegars stand out for their delicate noses, their fine and complex taste. The work of extreme patience carried out by the winemaker gives birth to an authentic product, without any additives. His ambition is to let the grapes speak in order to develop balsamics of great finesse and exceptional aromatic power. The honeyed density and dark color are the two features that make them so special.
They are aged in precious wooden barrels such as cherry, acacia, chestnut and oak that will give the different balsamic fragrances and aromas that will make each of them unique and inimitable.

We can use Balsamic vinegar more often than we think – from cooking to cocktail making. Its originality is an invitation to culinary creativity. It allows you to sublimate every dish, from starters to desserts, meats, fishes, vegetables and even cheeses. A few drops will be enough to exhale a bouquet of beautiful aromatic sensations thanks to the explosion of flavours and the length in the mouth that are its own characteristic.

Each balsamic vinegar that we offer corresponds to a different season of the year.