White wine vinegar

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White and red wine vinegars, single-varietals, vintages, aged in traditional barrels.

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Grape variety

100 % Gros Manseng

During the first frosts of autumn begins the harvest of the late grape varieties characteristic of Gascony. From these grapes with advanced maturity, still topped with sugar-soaked grains, comes a fine and elegant wine that has retained all its freshness. This wine gives a vinegar that retains an exotic and gourmet character.

Tasting notes

This vinegar has a beautiful aromatic intensity, due to a golden colour with some amber shades. It is well-balanced with a fruity aroma. A flavour of fresh grapes mixes with that of white-fleshed fruit (peach) and passion fruit, which gives a beautiful freshness to the whole. You can also find rancio notes, such as of walnut kernels or sultanas, which proves it has aged for several years in barrels.
It is elegant and mouth-watering thanks to a slight natural sweetness that balances perfectly with its intense freshness due to the flavours of fresh fruit, such as just hand-picked grapes.

Tasting ideas

This vinegar will perfectly replace lemon on white fish, smoked salmon, oysters or in an endive salad with walnut or olive oil.
But you can also use it on grilled vegetables, plancha prawns, raw vegetables, salads and for subtle marinades. It will bring a slight fruity shade to your dishes.

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