Sweet white wine vinegar

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A sweet and subtle vinegar, a condiment and everyday ingredient.



100 % Petit Manseng

Here comes the delicate marriage of sweetness and acidity. Petit Manseng is the last grape variety in the region to be harvested in early autumn. This is called a late harvest. It is produced in small quantities because the yields of this variety are low.
The search for concentration is more intense and, in the mouth, its fruity aroma is terribly intoxicating!

Tasting notes

It has a beautiful amber robe with mahogany highlights. It is an elegant and round vinegar, with a nice balance between sweetness and acidity, rich and intense notes of apricot with a beautiful sweetness.
This over-matured grape produces a complex and structured vinegar. In the nose, you can sense notes of ripe and almost candied fruit. In the mouth, it is a wine with an intense aroma. It is a truly superb vinegar with spellbinding aromas of apricot, dried fruit and honey. The fruitiness and aromas evolve into pretty notes of vanilla.
It is subtle and soft in the mouth. It has a real structure, with a crisp taste that gives an unmatched and aromatic length in the mouth. This finish reflects all the features of a powerful vinegar sublimated by years of ageing.

Our gourmet tips

You can use it to deglaze your pan-fried foie grasas well as season sweet and savoury dishes. But it will also suit your desserts – fruit salad, apples or sautéed pears and roasted apricots. This vinegar, which has a nice balance of aromas of cooked fruit, sometimes candied fruit, will bring an original touch to your dishes.

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