Red wine vinegar

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Assemblage of Merlot, Syrah. Red wine vinegar is versatile par excellence.

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Assemblage of Merlot, Syrah.

The Pinot grape, which was planted in 2016, will not be harvested for 3 years. We will have to wait for the 2019 vintage for a vinegar from this grape variety.
In the meantime, the blend we present comes from a very demanding selection of red wines from the coasts of Biscay.

Tasting notes:

This red wine vinegar is very aromatic and a surprising color, slightly tuiled, which results from a passage of a few years in oak barrels. The nose is elegant: black fruits like blackberry and very sweet spices with vanilla and toasted aromas acquired during aging. In the mouth, the fruity dominance intensifies with the brightness of the redcover and all the complexity of this vinegar blossoms to the delight of gourmets.


Red wine vinegar is versatile par excellence and will accompany salads, raw vegetables, meats, fish and even desserts. He is a true taste enhancer. It will give your marinades a surprising shade and your sauces and deglazings a real originality.
Its elegance and finesse will not overwhelm the dish it accompanies.

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